The stones we pelt

When the woman caught in adultry was brought to Jesus Christ, He said”he who is without sin,let him throw a stone at her first,”

What He did not say was he who didn’t commit adultery can throw a stone at her,

We are quick to judge people in aspects where we consider ourselves right, Romans 3:23 says “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”….emphasis being on all, irrespective of how we justify ourselves in comparison to the actions of others..

In the end we are all sinners, without any hierarchy on whose the greatest or least among us…

We Christians take judging to a whole new level, we think that preachers, servants of God , and so called spiritually mature people can point out fingers in the name of rendering correction….

So how do we know ,how do we differentiate preaching or helping people from judging them, how is warning someone different from judging them?

Have we stopped to wonder if our opinions ,our advices , our sharing of experiences ,our so called Christian acts are but judging,

In Mathew 7, Jesus tells us , when we should help out with the speck in our neighbour’s eye, He did not tell that we shouldn’t help, but we should do only when we are able to see clearly, we get so focussed on the speck when we miss the plank in our eye.

Just because you think differently about something, doesn’t mean you are seeing clearly, The difference between the Pharisee and the sinner is how they viewed themselves, one compared his life with another , when another only focussed on what was happening in theirs,

Till we see clearly enough to help others, better to be aware of the plank that blinds us ,so unconsciously.

The two year silence before the purpose .

From being sold as a slave by his very own,Joseph was wrongfully accused and put in prison… things dint stop going downhill,but just as he had interpretted the visons of the baker and the butler, he says” Remember me and get me out of here”, and only Two years later did Pharoh have the dream….

Yes we faced things we thought were beyond our capacity of handling, we faced times that broke us, all the while thinking that we have reached the finish line of the hard life we were forced to lead…you are bound to ask , isn’t it enough already?

And then subtly but surely comes these two years, when u almost felt like it’s over, it tests the entire process, it makes you question the purpose of suffering, it’s the hardest, because trusting God’s timing over your own solution to get out is what we are called to face…

How can you still hope when you can only believe that Lazarus can be healed and not risen, when your faith takes you till the red sea but it isn’t enough to think that it will part,

Though David was annointed king , he had to wait ,in the agony and comfort of the Lord with patience for the very promise to be fulfilled ….

All of this is because Gethsemane completes Calvary

Accepting the path laid out for you, isn’t just coming to terms or making peace with it, it’s not a white flag of truce where you accept defeat because you know you can’t change the situations against God,beacuse if that’s how we have been seeing the cross, the minute things turn in our favour , we pray against or do things against it.we will not spare Saul when he is in our grasp.

It is having the power to reciprocate ,to go against the decree like Daniel could but being silent, to be able to command the angels but still suffering on the cross like Christ.

The waiting time is to accept the way with all the insults ,the bumps, the u turns ,the setbacks,not just the possibility but the certainty of being striped of your pride, of being accused, of being left alone,

Cry, mourn, cringe, fear, do everything you can and want to before the Lord and have a mindset to allow the cross ,to allow the insult, in silence..because there is nothing He’s not already done .

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

Seeing God, it’s a big theological term, but all it means is , seeing Him in the situations ,in the functioning of our mundane lives….there are times when we are so lost in our efforts,so lost in our wanderings, we do not have a clue about why things are happening against our logic, against our best deductions, we cannot see beyond the problem ,beyond the mountain and our plans to conquer it….this is simply when we cannot see the work of God.


Even David had a time in his life when he dint realise how far he was from God.

The Pharisees saw God but their eyes were still blinded to know that it is the Messiah they were waiting for.

When we see God , our perception of our lives and things happening in it changes, we can never look at life the same way again, like Saul who encountered Christ, once we know the truth, however unwilling our hearts are we will still not be the same.

So then who can see God?

The pure….this was such a biblical and religious term, no one in their right mind can call themselves pure , so then no one can experience God.i thought it was a never ending loophole.

Purity is not the absence of sin or unrighteousness, it is not even the art of being holy

It is being an infant, a child , devoid of the corrupted Mind.

James 4: writes Purify your hearts, you double minded people…what exactly is this double mind?it is when we are one thing and think of ourselves to be one thing…we think we have our shit together, we think we are better than the people we despise because we don’t commit the same sins, we judge ourselves based on our actions, based on what suits us..on one hand we say we trust our lives with God , but on the other we still hope that all our deepest desires are fulfilled.,we are not who we think we are, we know we aren’t pure , but not because of the sins we label but because of the dark corners we compromised , the corners we don’t even consider wrong, the justifications we provide for them….

How do we know about our double mind?

Heb 12:4- The word, is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart, piercing through the division of Soul and spirit, bone and marrow,

If there is a part in you, that you yourself dint think to be true, allow it to fall on the sword of the truth..Because The Lord looks at the heart, at things we are blind to.

Accepting the answer

When we ask God about things we’re unsure of, there is sometimes an answer that we incline towards, and we wait upon God till the same cord is struck…

We are caught up between the plan of God but in our way, that’s when we convince ourselves that we are waiting for the answer when in fact we are just waiting to open our eyes to see it., Because His plans are higher than ours, so high that we don’t see the aerial view of where our life is headed.

Trading His plan for something familiar

Even at the gates of Canon, the slavery of Egypt was still the backup plan for Israel, because let’s face it we all believe in the saying ” a known devil is better than an unknown angel”. Even when the Lord promised them victory , they still did not know the how, things weren’t in their control, inspite of all the miracles ,it was still difficult for them to trust in something beyond their finite understanding…

We must have asked ourselves what if things get worser?what if my biggest fears do come true, and I have no way of altering the outcome……there is always a disaster situation playing in our head when we talk about God’s way…..

He forsees our weakness even before we are brought to the light about them, they went through the Red sea and the wilderness just so that the war with Philistines can be evaded, so that their hearts won’t be turned, and even if there was just Joshua and Caleb who completed their appointed journey , it was still worthwhile for God .

The weakness remained , because their expectation about Canon was contrary to the one the Lord brought them to….just like how the Jews were waiting for Mesiaah to redeem them from the government, Israelites dint think they have to go to war for it….

What is our idea of Canon, because unless that changes Egypt will still be the place we want to run to.



Who isn’t dealt with things they have no control of, who isn’t dealt with things they wish they could change! ,which church going believer hasn’t heard gazillion sermons on this very verse, with all of them saying no matter what we face, our conditioned response to the situation should be “THY WILL BE DONE”! …and the cross seems a little heavier and tougher to bear , all because we skip pausing on this word:NEVERTHERLESS…
.so why nevertherless.
….its simply because Jesus Christ acknowledges that His own will is contrary to that of GOD…and this is not a sin…ourĀ  nature doesnt agree with the plans of God, and confessing that does not make us evil..
There is a thin line though, When Israel was brought out of Egypt , they did not agree with what the Lord was trying to do in their lives, they wanted to go back at the slightest discomfort and they too expressed it,so what is the difference?
…it is this word NEVERTHERLESS that seperates the grumbling from prayer, it is ok to disagree with the path your being led in ,it is ok to not have enough faith to utter the words :”NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE”…all you need to have is the attitude to say the word :nevertherless,
What it really means is that you are WILLING to look beyond your plans,what you think is good for you even when you can’t agree or fully understand.
this is when our stubborn hearts of stone begin to turn to flesh….and there is cascade of events set into motion ,till His strength is made perfect in our weakness and we submit to the purpose of our creation…