Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

Seeing God, it’s a big theological term, but all it means is , seeing Him in the situations ,in the functioning of our mundane lives….there are times when we are so lost in our efforts,so lost in our wanderings, we do not have a clue about why things are happening against our logic, against our best deductions, we cannot see beyond the problem ,beyond the mountain and our plans to conquer it….this is simply when we cannot see the work of God.


Even David had a time in his life when he dint realise how far he was from God.

The Pharisees saw God but their eyes were still blinded to know that it is the Messiah they were waiting for.

When we see God , our perception of our lives and things happening in it changes, we can never look at life the same way again, like Saul who encountered Christ, once we know the truth, however unwilling our hearts are we will still not be the same.

So then who can see God?

The pure….this was such a biblical and religious term, no one in their right mind can call themselves pure , so then no one can experience God.i thought it was a never ending loophole.

Purity is not the absence of sin or unrighteousness, it is not even the art of being holy

It is being an infant, a child , devoid of the corrupted Mind.

James 4: writes Purify your hearts, you double minded people…what exactly is this double mind?it is when we are one thing and think of ourselves to be one thing…we think we have our shit together, we think we are better than the people we despise because we don’t commit the same sins, we judge ourselves based on our actions, based on what suits us..on one hand we say we trust our lives with God , but on the other we still hope that all our deepest desires are fulfilled.,we are not who we think we are, we know we aren’t pure , but not because of the sins we label but because of the dark corners we compromised , the corners we don’t even consider wrong, the justifications we provide for them….

How do we know about our double mind?

Heb 12:4- The word, is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart, piercing through the division of Soul and spirit, bone and marrow,

If there is a part in you, that you yourself dint think to be true, allow it to fall on the sword of the truth..Because The Lord looks at the heart, at things we are blind to.

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  1. Do I have the honor of being the first one to write a comment!? Wowww…. This blog is amazing. I’m proud of the wonderful woman you’re growing into. It’s staggering to see how you have fought all your odds with utmost perseverance and courage and turned into someone whose life is being led by the Truth Himself rather than be the one who seeks guidance and ready made help. Often you astound me with revelations that mange to hit me on my solar plexus. It makes the big sister feel proud that her baby is growing up! Growing up to be a strong woman in and through God that it makes it easy for her to accept the fact that even when she’s unavailable and helpless, she can be rest assured that her baby sister is firmly tucked into God’s hands. I wish and pray that you continue to flourish in your spirit through these revelations that turn into the Truth in your life and you will be set free…. As you continue to unravel the depth and implication of this bigger purpose in your life, may you also continue to impact and enrich the lives of others in your journey as you have in mine. Love you my dear! Puffing my chest 😉 Go girl!

    1. Thanku for inspiring me, I look at your life and take courage, I thank God for a path that lead me to meet you, love u to the moon and back akka

  2. Thank you sister .. Its an amazing message … Truly inspired … Hope u continue this blog to help others just like me 🙂

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