The stones we pelt

When the woman caught in adultry was brought to Jesus Christ, He said”he who is without sin,let him throw a stone at her first,”

What He did not say was he who didn’t commit adultery can throw a stone at her,

We are quick to judge people in aspects where we consider ourselves right, Romans 3:23 says “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”….emphasis being on all, irrespective of how we justify ourselves in comparison to the actions of others..

In the end we are all sinners, without any hierarchy on whose the greatest or least among us…

We Christians take judging to a whole new level, we think that preachers, servants of God , and so called spiritually mature people can point out fingers in the name of rendering correction….

So how do we know ,how do we differentiate preaching or helping people from judging them, how is warning someone different from judging them?

Have we stopped to wonder if our opinions ,our advices , our sharing of experiences ,our so called Christian acts are but judging,

In Mathew 7, Jesus tells us , when we should help out with the speck in our neighbour’s eye, He did not tell that we shouldn’t help, but we should do only when we are able to see clearly, we get so focussed on the speck when we miss the plank in our eye.

Just because you think differently about something, doesn’t mean you are seeing clearly, The difference between the Pharisee and the sinner is how they viewed themselves, one compared his life with another , when another only focussed on what was happening in theirs,

Till we see clearly enough to help others, better to be aware of the plank that blinds us ,so unconsciously.

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