The two year silence before the purpose .

From being sold as a slave by his very own,Joseph was wrongfully accused and put in prison… things dint stop going downhill,but just as he had interpretted the visons of the baker and the butler, he says” Remember me and get me out of here”, and only Two years later did Pharoh have the dream….

Yes we faced things we thought were beyond our capacity of handling, we faced times that broke us, all the while thinking that we have reached the finish line of the hard life we were forced to lead…you are bound to ask , isn’t it enough already?

And then subtly but surely comes these two years, when u almost felt like it’s over, it tests the entire process, it makes you question the purpose of suffering, it’s the hardest, because trusting God’s timing over your own solution to get out is what we are called to face…

How can you still hope when you can only believe that Lazarus can be healed and not risen, when your faith takes you till the red sea but it isn’t enough to think that it will part,

Though David was annointed king , he had to wait ,in the agony and comfort of the Lord with patience for the very promise to be fulfilled ….

All of this is because Gethsemane completes Calvary

Accepting the path laid out for you, isn’t just coming to terms or making peace with it, it’s not a white flag of truce where you accept defeat because you know you can’t change the situations against God,beacuse if that’s how we have been seeing the cross, the minute things turn in our favour , we pray against or do things against it.we will not spare Saul when he is in our grasp.

It is having the power to reciprocate ,to go against the decree like Daniel could but being silent, to be able to command the angels but still suffering on the cross like Christ.

The waiting time is to accept the way with all the insults ,the bumps, the u turns ,the setbacks,not just the possibility but the certainty of being striped of your pride, of being accused, of being left alone,

Cry, mourn, cringe, fear, do everything you can and want to before the Lord and have a mindset to allow the cross ,to allow the insult, in silence..because there is nothing He’s not already done .

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