Trading His plan for something familiar

Even at the gates of Canon, the slavery of Egypt was still the backup plan for Israel, because let’s face it we all believe in the saying ” a known devil is better than an unknown angel”. Even when the Lord promised them victory , they still did not know the how, things weren’t in their control, inspite of all the miracles ,it was still difficult for them to trust in something beyond their finite understanding…

We must have asked ourselves what if things get worser?what if my biggest fears do come true, and I have no way of altering the outcome……there is always a disaster situation playing in our head when we talk about God’s way…..

He forsees our weakness even before we are brought to the light about them, they went through the Red sea and the wilderness just so that the war with Philistines can be evaded, so that their hearts won’t be turned, and even if there was just Joshua and Caleb who completed their appointed journey , it was still worthwhile for God .

The weakness remained , because their expectation about Canon was contrary to the one the Lord brought them to….just like how the Jews were waiting for Mesiaah to redeem them from the government, Israelites dint think they have to go to war for it….

What is our idea of Canon, because unless that changes Egypt will still be the place we want to run to.

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